Sonoma Rejoices as Biden Declared Victorious

Aidan Griggs-Demmin

Four days after Election Night on Nov. 3, Joseph R. Biden was declared victorious over Donald J. Trump in the 2020 Presidential Election, sending cities across America into a celebratory frenzy. 

   Sonoma joined in on these celebrations, and at 2 PM on Nov. 7, Sonomans gathered at the square to celebrate the start of a new chapter in American history. As many as 200 Sonomans, sporting American flags, patriotic getups, and homemade signs celebrated the result of the election in fine style.

   Among the nearly 200 Sonoma citizens that attended were several students of our very own SVHS.     

   Ruby Eilert, a senior, was “very inspired seeing everyone so happy,” and added that “the overall setting was very happy.”

   Eilert attended with her grandmother, and they were both

“excited to be able to celebrate experiencing the first woman as a Vice President.””

— Ruby Eilert

   The election saga began on Tuesday, November 3, when polls closed and vote-counting began. Biden was quickly declared the winner in several landslide states, but pre-election polling proved slightly misleading as Trump took early leads in several key battleground states such as Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. With the two candidates locked in a close battle, it became clear that the winner would not be declared on Election night. 

   Over the next several days, mail-in ballots were counted, and Biden rapidly recovered the deficit he faced in several states. Trump had advised his followers to vote in-person, with him constantly expressing his worries of mail-in ballot fraud during the months leading up to the election. Because of this, the majority of mail-in ballots voted for Biden, and he quickly whittled down the lead Trump had built for himself in these states on the first night of the election.

   After Biden overtook Trump and was declared victor in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Arizona, 5 key battleground states, it was obvious that he would prevail. On the morning of Saturday, November 7, the Associated Press called the election in favor of Biden, cementing his place as the 46th president of the United States America.

   When the news broke of Biden’s victory, people rejoiced in the streets of major cities across the country. Thousands of videos capturing the moments after Biden’s victory in the streets of cities such as San Francisco and New York have been spread on social media. 

   However, some SVHS students have some reservations about the finality of this result. Grant Boydell, sophomore, believes that “it might not be over yet,” and his firm in the belief that

“it’s possible the election might change, so we have to be prepared for anything.””

— Grant Boydell

   Despite Joe Biden conclusively winning both in the popular vote and electoral vote, the Trump administration has requested recounts in several major battleground states, adamant in the claim that suspected voter fraud has had a significant impact on the result of the election. Trump is yet to concede defeat and has remained steadfast in his protests of the result, but this hasn’t stopped Sonomans, and millions of others across the country, from celebrating Biden’s victory.