Spirit Week Recap; New Halloween Zoom


Marina Trotta, Writer

Leadership’s first virtual spirit week was put on, Oct. 26-30. It was filled with dress up days all week and virtual activities for students to show their spirit!

Student voice, Sophia Riebli, described the outcome of the week as “a good start to where we wanted to be, but executed poorly. I think a lot of students were unaware of the spirit week and each dress up day.” 

Although there was not a big turnout Riebli explains how this can be improved in the future, “We can improve by better advertisement and hopefully more teacher involvement including teachers helping spread the word to students.”

 Riebli explains why involvement has decreased since school went online, “I think it is different when we are in person because we are able to put up posters around school and students can talk among their peers about it more which can create more hype around it.” 

Despite the fact that there wasn’t a huge turnout some students still showed off their costumes last Friday on Zoom including junior, Bella Quilici, and student activities director, Ross Neles. 

Quilici said, “I was Mabel Pines from one of my favorite childhood cartoon shows called Gravity Falls. I chose to be her because her costume was easy and I really relate to her character.” 

Neles said he was dressed as,   “an old man in a bingo hat for Halloween. I chose this costume because I was at Party City with my mom and I found a spooky mask that said `I heart bingo on it.” 

Leadership is enthusiastic to host more virtual spirit weeks and create a more spirited atmosphere in  distance learning.