September Artist of the Month: Leslie Yanez


Mikey Serbicki, artist

September’s Artist of the Month is Leslie Yanez. Leslie is a junior who is very involved in school activities. She is the junior class president, founder of Leaders of Sonoma Valley, and is a member of over three clubs. She is also involved in organizations outside of school, such as CASL and Genztimesup.
In terms of artwork, Leslie doesn’t have a specific style she claims as her own, but instead, allows the art and her creativity to guide her. The media that she uses most are charcoal, pastels, gauche, acrylic paint, and colored pencils. One of her goals is to become more comfortable and familiar with oil paints and watercolors.
Leslie is attracted to the arts because if gives “you the ability to express yourself in any way conceivable, and doesn’t force you into any boundaries.
She has been scribbling drawings since she was four, and now she uses it as something to do whenever she’s bored. She sees herself as improving and growing as an artist.