Visual B2SN Offers New Twist

Aidan Griggs-Demmin and Tymen Giller

By Aidan Griggs-Demmin and Tymen Giller

Just as the first month of school has been online, parents’ Back to School Night was held virtually this year. On September 23, parents and guardians of SVHS students logged on to several Zoom calls to listen to teachers talk about their classes.
Stefanie Jordan, principal of Sassarini, admitted that “virtual back to school night is not what we had hoped to be doing, but given the circumstances, the teachers did a wonderful job.”
The school hoped for parents to learn more about their student’s classes and also distance learning in general during the meetings. The students’ parents and guardians followed the students schedule and went to each of their classes, where teacher had a presentation prepared.
Cindy Studdert revealed that her student, Caroline Studdert, was “looking forward to the teachers she has this year. She has been really enjoying the classes and after back to school night, I could see why!”
The teachers discussed what the students should expect from their class, both during the continuation of online learning, and after students return to in-person classes.
All parents and guardians received an email with the schedule for the night, zoom links to each teacher’s presentation, and other information about school contacts.