New Administration Hopes to Spark a Successful Year

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With a new school year comes new changes, as SVHS has welcomed many new members, most notably a new principal and vice principal.

  Mr. Justin Mori, the new principal, was the principal of the San Jose Intermediate School in Novato since 2012 before coming to Sonoma.

    Mr. Mori wants students to know that he is “here to support them. I am open to any discussions and want to help you follow whatever path you choose to take.”

  Mr. Mori also commented on the changes he wants to make to SVHS. “I really want to form a strong community here on campus. I have been told this is a gap within the student population so I hope we can work to bridge that gap.  I also want to ensure that students can take the classes they want to take.”

  Joining Mr. Mori as part of the administration is Ms. Shawna Hettrich. Along with being a vice principal, Ms. Hettrich will also take over the Leadership class.

  “I’m super approachable and open to new ideas” exclaimed Ms. Hettrich.

  “As the Leadership teacher, one of my main goals is to have students attend the sports games for all the sports teams. I also want to really bring General Assembly to the campus because I believe it is essential for our campus.”


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New Administration Hopes to Spark a Successful Year