To All The Vines We Loved Before

Erin Gylfe and Ivy O'Donnell

  Vine was the social media platform responsible for making countless teenagers laugh, bringing previously unknown individuals to fame, and eventually crushing the hearts of millions after its shutdown in 2017.

  The app known for its six second videos was launched in 2013. It was the source of many jokes, which are still relevant today. It not only brought people to fame, but it brought people together. Groups such as Magcon met through Vine and reached their peak in 2013 and 2014, as they went on nationwide tours. They could have never known that six seconds would lead to a lifetime of fame.

  Teenagers have learned to adapt to life without Vine, unable to open the app and laugh at their humorous Re-Vines. Luckily, there are numerous Vine compilations on YouTube for teenagers to watch and enjoy for years to come. Vine has vanished, but the teenagers of today will never forget the laughter it brought them.


Top Vines We Miss at SVHS


  1. “My name’s Trey…I have a basketball game tomorrow”
  2. “ I could’ve dropped my croissant”
  3. “Look at all those chickens”
  4. “It’s an avocado… thanks”
  5. “Come get y’all juice”
  6. “Fr e sh a voca do”
  7. “Burnt chicken nugget”
  8. “Can I get a waffle?”