Tradition vs. Inclusion: Mr. Dragon Controversy

Justin Cox, Kayla Beals, and Alexis Lage

  January’s Student Forum consisted of discussions about the upcoming winter dance, handicapped parking regulations, the talent show, and the controversial issue of Mr. Dragon.

Sophomore Olivian Stuckey feels that “the name Mr. Dragon should stay the same but everyone should get to participate,” while senior Kaishalee Baez wants the student body to “take into consideration people who don’t identify with the common pronouns.”

 The leadership class first voted twice in class regarding a name chance with both votes favoring keeping the name. The class decided to take the topic to student forum and decided to thave the forum representatives let their own voices be heard.

  During student forum, students voted via online and paper about the problem with the name Mr. Dragon. Leadership counted the votes and also had a final class vote that resulted in a tie. After all of the voting and debate, the leadership class came to a conclusion that as of now, the Mr. Dragon name will not be changed. Details about the content of the event itself have not been clarified.

  Senior Jackson Barbagelata explained that “the goal for the Mr. Dragon discussion is to come up with an all inclusive name or come up with two separate events, one for boys and one for girls.”     

  As the Mr. Dragon discussion continued, more student voices filled the room. Junior Sami Stubbs was “worried about losing student support if the name of the event was changed because it’s tradition.” Senior Creighton Rochlin responded to her concern by stating that “changing the name but leaving the content of the event the same will ensure student participation.”