Cool Bumper Stickers, Bro

Emily Barmore, News Writer

 SVHS’s parking lot consists of around 200 spaces and of those, 145 cars run on gas, two run on diesel, one on electricity, and one is a hybrid. That is a big number in the eyes of the environment. This means that the students of the school who own cars that run on gas have collectively omitted 55.583 metric tons of carbon dioxide just in the month of December.

  Knowing this, you might ask what can be done about this and how cars can improve these statistics however most students aren’t in control of the cars that they drive to school.

  When students become licenced to drive, the next step would be to get a car although most families can’t buy a new car for every kid in their family. What usually happens is a car is bought for the oldest and used by the rest of the teens after or a family has more than two cars and the leftover car is shared.

  Out of all the cars in the SVHS parking lot, the one car that runs on electric is a Nissan Leaf owned by Jackson Zyskowski, a Junior. He said that the car was bought by his dad for his older brother, Sam, two years ago but when he went off to college in Hawaii, the car was passed down to Jackson.

  At this moment in time we can only hope that the parents of SVHS and parents all around the bay make the decision to buy environmentally safe cars like the Zyskowski family did.

  In spite of all the gas guzzlers in the parking lot, there are environmentally-safe cars all around the bay yet you might not be able to recognize them. But never fear, commute lane stickers are here!

  Commuter lane stickers are making their way onto the freeway to identify cars’ “green factor.”

      While the process of these lane decals may be difficult and may require some research, it looks as though the outcome of these stickers will speed up the bay’s carpool lanes significantly.