Brockovich Makes Stand Against PG&E

Kayla Beals, News Writer

Erin Brockovich, an American legal clerk, traveled to Sonoma to discuss the litigation against PG&E for the 2017 Sonoma County Wildfires. She joined Mauro Archer & Associates Law Firm to challenge PG&E. Brockovich represents those who were affected by the 2017 fires. She is determined to find justice and hold those who are responsible for their actions.

  Roughly 40 people attended her speech at the Sonoma Valley Women’s Club on Oct. 30. Brockovich was there to answer questions and inspire our community “to get involved with what’s happening.”

  Senior Creighton Rochlin attended the meeting with questions about the history of Brockovich’s work and stated that he “wanted to see if she was anything like she was portrayed in the movie” made about her in 2000.

   Rochlin admitted that he was “the least bit affected by the fires and a little more interested in what she had to say.”

  City Council member and former mayor Rachel Hundley introduced Brockovich and Noreen Evans, lawyer for Mauro Archer Associates and former member of the California State Senate. Both women have worked all over California and have dealt with PG&E before. But in this case, Brockovich feels that “PG&E should have known better” and mentioned the idea of putting power lines underground.

  Not only did the fires have a great emotional impact on the community, but physical health was also jeopardized. At this point, Brockovich feels the County Health Department should be involved and stated that “the law is here as a tool to help you with policies.” Garry Mauro, attorney for Mauro Archer Associates, emphasizes the importance of “getting your settlement ready” and “lawsuit filed before the statute of limitations” which means anytime before Oct. 8, 2019.

  Brockovich stressed her purpose to “inform, educate, and give information, not push anything down [our] throats.” She encourages the people affected by the 2017 wildfires to reach out to Mauro Archer Associates.