Omicron Wreaks Havoc During Return to School

Owen Vanzant, Aidan Griggs-Demmin, News Writer, Co-head Editor

   Covid continues to affect the world at large, and schools and society have been forced to keep adapting. The Omicron Variant, originating in South Africa but one that has since revealed itself in the states, has had a large spike in cases over the winter break. The Omicron variant is much more transmittable but the effects are much less severe. Someone who comes in contact with Omicron should prepare to see symptoms similar to the common cold. 

   Since returning to school, students and staff alike have been worried about this spike as many students, vaccinated or not, have been affected. Vaccinations have not seemed to help with Omicron as many had hoped, and this is evident with the high number of breakthrough cases. As Omicron has continued to spread, the public is holding out hope that booster shots and rapid tests will prove effective.

    Alongside the covid tests, schools have continued to release more information pertaining to Covid. The school reports that within the past week, our school has recorded nearly 100 confirmed cases. There continues to be confusion surrounding the protocols outlined by the school. Senior Richie Crispi states that “The school didn’t help me, my teachers gave me stuff but I wasn’t quite sure due to a lack of instruction.”  

    Currently, the Covid protocols have caused unnecessary confusion among the student body and teachers alike. If you would like to know what to do in a certain situation, see page 4 of the print newspaper.