Mr. Root, new English teacher, wants connection with students

By Ema Camarena
Mr. Root, the new English 11and Living Skills teacher is into many things such as: runnings; astronomy; surfing; hiking; backpacking; camping; paddle boarding; 35mm film photography; writing poetry; working on old cars; space exploration; oil painting; sculpting; filmmaking; and gourmet cooking.
Mr. Root was inspired to become an English teacher because of his former English teacher, Mrs. Kraus. In fact, they have a friendship which has lasted for the past 20 years. She was able to foster his talent of creative writing; even though he was struggling in class.
Although Mr. Root is still trying to get a sense of the culture at SVHS, but he admits it is difficult due to the digital environment. He feels welcomed to the school because of the many teachers who that reached out through email, and Zoom to introduce themselves.
Having struggled with ADD and dyslexia, Mr. Root has found methods that help with reading and writing, which he’d like to pass on to his students.
“I like interacting with the students, no matter how hard a time they give me. The younger generation always makes me feel more hopeful about the future. I love to see them strengthen their own viewpoints about the world around them.”
“I have realized that we all rely on one another, teacher and student, to keep up the motivation to learn at a distance. The students teach me how to stay connected to an ever changing world,” said Mr. Root. He prefers teaching in person and misses seeing his classroom, staff and students.