Winter Dance Takes On Summer

Kayla Beals and Annie Robichaud

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  Summer came early this year at SVHS annual winter dance. The ‘hint of summer’ themed turnabout dance also offered free tickets for the best dance proposal. Freshman Samuel Morton exclaimed “I liked the theme, but it’s still winter.”

  Earlier that week, leadership teacher and vice principal Ms. Hettrich made an announcement concerning the status of the winter dance. Hettrich explained that “we needed to sell at least 72 more tickets by Wednesday to cover expenses and breakeven with the cost of the DJ, security guards, and decorations.”

  Junior Kaylie Barrera who is on the dance committee for leadership felt that “by the second semester people just seem over it, which is why students might not buy dance tickets right away.”

  The day before the dance, Hettrich reported “people rallied together and we sold forty more tickets. Thirty more are being purchased today, guaranteed” which ensured that the dance was on for Friday. Sophomore Lisbeth Pacheco admitted that she “liked the music and danced a lot all night long.”

  Roughly 148 people attended the dance, outfits ranging from summer dresses to shorts and flip flops. Decorations included beach balls, sun glasses, and blown up palm trees to enhance that summer feeling.

 This dance began thirty minutes later than the back to school dance in order to benefit sports practices and games. Barrera explained “we shortened the dance because 7:30 – 10:00 seemed too long, people were leaving early.”

  Six proposals were submitted and Caya Aronson, Jennifer Leon, and Liberty Olhava won the best proposal along with three free dance tickets.