Model UN Goes To Harvard

Emily Barmore, News Writer

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  Harvard University was taken over by three thousand plus delegates three weeks ago for the 65th annual Model United Nations Conference. The MUN club at SVHS put themselves in the running and made the trek across the country to Connecticut.

  The club had three 14 hour days of hard work on their position in the United Nations and visited the sights of Boston on the last day.

  “One of the benefits of going to a conference across the country is the exposure, interactions with other kids and ‘delegates,’and new opportunities outside of a small town,” says Mr. Gissell, Model United Nations Club supervisor.

  This isn’t the first time that this club has taken a trip across the country for a conference. Just last year, the club made a trip to Chicago for an assemblage.

  Gissell said that his goal for the kids in the group is to expand their horizons and let them experience what they are capable of. If this can be achieved, the Ivies is a good place to reach.