Yerba Takes Over Beverage Market

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Yerba Takes Over Beverage Market

Alison Perkins and Regan Wheatley

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  Guayaki Yerba Mates have become a force to reckon with at SVHS as sleep deprived students look for a new source of caffeine. This Sebastopol based company was founded in 1996, but has become more recently popular and sold everywhere from 7-Eleven to Whole Foods.

  What makes this drink an icon in the hands of SVHS students?

  In a survey of 86 students, 68.6% of those drink Yerba Mates. Most of these students drink Yerba Mates for the caffeine effects. Junior Auguste Andi explains that “sometimes I need that extra little hype; it just makes me happy.”

  In a can of Enlighten Mint Yerba Mate (45.7% of SVHS students favorite this flavor of Yerba Mate) there is over 70 mg of caffeine in one serving. This is almost equivalent to a cup of coffee which is about 90 mg. However, one can of the Enlighten Mint contains two servings thus, there is 150 mg of caffeine per can.

  Senior Ethan Smith takes advantage of this caffeine because he “often needs the caffeine boost that [he doesn’t] like from coffee.”

  Many students opt for a Yerba Mate rather than coffee due to the taste. Senior Nazare Azeredo states, “I need caffeine, but I’m not a big coffee drinker. They’re just super refreshing.”

  The caffeine boost seems to be the underlying reason for the Yerba Mate craze with the added bonus of flavor that many don’t appreciate from coffee.