A Gloomy Valentine’s Day

Erin Gylfe and Regan Wheatley

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  The pouring rain didn’t relieve any of the pessimism surrounding the holiday. Instead of the classic red, whites, and pinks, the grey sky dulled the day.

  As a child, Valentine’s Day was a highly anticipated holiday filled with treats from nearly everyone. Now, as high schoolers, students treat the day like any other.

  Many students have memories of Valentine’s day. Junior Luke Sendaydiego recalls “getting fun dip and notes from everyone in the class was pretty sick.” Most high schoolers can remember going to elementary school on Valentine’s Day with anticipation and leaving with a sugar rush as well as notes from everyone.

  Freshman Shanice Mayfield states, “I don’t really care. I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day.” When it comes to this day of love, it seems that there is a feeling of negativity. Junior Tshering Sherpa thinks that it’s “a waste of money.” According to the National Retail Federation, consumers spent $20.7 billion, “despite fewer people celebrating the holiday.” Society continues to commercialize Valentine’s Day, and some SVHS students abhor this idea.

  Sherpa is not alone in her opinions. Sophomore Joseph Silvi thinks that “it’s a day that celebrates love while also increasing the wealth of the chocolate and greeting card industry. It should be Valentine’s Day any day that people want to celebrate the love that they share.”

  Evidently, without the excitement of receiving valentines, the holiday does not elicit the same happiness to it.

  Despite the impressive number of negative attitudes and the gloomy weather,  FFA turned some attitudes around by passing out roses throughout the day. FFA student, Casey Spencer, states “people were either embarrassed, happy, or confused” after receiving a rose. According to Junior Sofia Portello, FFA sold about 50 roses, and succeeded in spreading the meaning of Valentine’s Day, showing appreciation for those you love.