Freshman Awards Honor Achievements

Sam Weisiger and Erin Gylfe

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  Being called up in front of a large group of people can be one of the most stressful times in a person’s life. What do you say? Do you look OK? Will you receive an award? Nothing to fear, Freshmen awards are here.   

  Every year, each freshman team holds an award ceremony to recognise its students. Whether freshmen receive awards admiring their academic achievements, humor, or personal style, students can celebrate each other’s achievements with some laughs and  their peers.

  Freshman Camille Phillips, recipient of an honor roll award, commented on the award ceremony, saying, “I think they are a good thing. They award the students that have worked hard. All the kids who won awards were well deserving.” Freshman awards are a great way to encourage freshman in the beginning of their high school career. They have the privilege of receiving recognition in front of their peers.

  Freshman English teacher Mrs. Gray, commented on the Freshmen award ceremony saying, “the best part is seeing the look on their faces when they get an award to represent the pinnacle of their success.” Mrs. Gray also added, “it’s also also very satisfying, as a teacher, to see 50 – 70 kids get awards. It is huge to have that many kids get above a 3.0.”

  Award ceremonies can often seem too much, especially for high schoolers, but Freshmen Awards acknowledge students for their achievements throughout the year and encourage them to continue to achieve throughout the rest of the high school career.