It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane, Wait … It’s A Plastic Person?

Erin Gylfe and Sam Weisiger

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  Mixed emotions fled the minds of students when they showed up to school and surprised with an array of ‘plastic people.’ With some placed in seemingly unreachable locations, such as roofs and second story windows, many students wonder exactly how they got there.

  As some students are unaware of where the figures came from or what they are made of, senior and 3D design student Ramon Contreras explained, “The people are made of packing tape, Seran wrap, and little pieces of plastic. We wrapped our classmates in plastic, cut them out, and taped the piece back together.”

  Junior art student Kennedy  Midgley, who was one of the models used to make a plastic person, commented on her experience being wrapped: “It was hard to breathe when they wrapped my chest and I could barely move, but I am glad I was the model because when we were done, it was me! I had fun.”

  The project is not as simple as shaping tape into the shape of a person, it requires participation and dedication from each art student.

  After the plastic figures are molded and put back together, art students spread them throughout the campus to add individual touch to certain areas of the school. Sophomore James Bounds commented on the plastic people saying, “They look scary at night, but cool during the daytime.”

   Each year, this recurring project is an exciting outdoor exhibit for all students to enjoy. People may be doomed to confusion when it comes to the figures scattered about, but these pieces are still unique additions to the SVHS campus.